Quantum Computing in Estonia

Quantum Computing in General


"When I hear about Schrodinger's cat, I reach for my gun."
—Stephen Hawking

Why Quantum Computing?

  • A qubit can be in the two states 0, 1 at the same time.
  • Several qubits can be in exponentially many states at the same time, so a quantum computer can explore exponentially many possibilities simultaneously.
  • Quantum computers can run programs exponentially faster than classical computers.
  • Quantum computers can solve hard optimization problems (e.g., Traveling Salesman Problem) exponentially faster than classical computers.
Obviously, all of these are bullshit.

Why research quantum computing? Because it has the potential to substantially speed up computations, revolutionizing what computers can and cannot do (in practice).

Why learn quantum computing? Because quantum algorithms require thinking which is completely different from everything our classical-physics based experience prepares us for.

Quantum Computing Research in Estonia

University of Tartu: Institute of Physics
Group of Yury Orlovskiy   (senior researcher, laser spectroscopy)
Basic research whether rare-earth ion doped crystals can be used as qubits in a gate-based quantum computer.
Veiko Palge   (researcher, theoretical physics)
Quantum information processing.
University of Tartu: Theoretical Computer Science
Group of Dirk Oliver Theis   (Assoc. Prof., theoretical informatics)
Theory of quantum algorithms; mathematics of (quantum) computation.
Ketita Labs oü
Stealth-mode university spin-off.
Hybrid quantum-classical algorithms for near-term quantum computing.

Quantum Computing Software Development in Estonia

Quantastica OÜ
Quantum software development tools
(GUI, transpilation between quantum programming languages, cloud connection)
Ketita Labs oü
Stealth-mode university spin-off.
Hybrid quantum-classical algorithms for near-term quantum computing.

Learning Quantum Computing in Estonia

University of Tartu, Institute of Physics
Peeter Saari has been teaching a course (3 CP) on quantum computing since 1998.
Veiko Palge offers bachelor's and master's topics in quantum computing.
University of Tartu: Master's program in computer science
Quantum Computing "track" within Theoretical Informatics specialization.
Lecture courses (foundations, Quantum Computing I+II, Quantum Cryptography; 4x6 CP), plus seminars, practical projects, and research projects.
Master's thesis projects are possible on the theory of quantum algorithms (pen-&-paper research) and mathematics of (quantum) computation. (Advisable only for students with bachelor degree either in Mathematics with very good Linear Algebra, or in Physics with good quantum mechanics.)
Quantum Days
Courses in practical, near-term quantum computing organized by Ketita Labs. Topics include basics such as qubits, quantum states, and quantum operations, but also near-term relevant issues such as quantum error. Lab sessions teach how to program current quantum devices in Python with embedded domain specific language for the quantum part.
The 1st Quantum Days (May 2019) were hosted by the Physics Institute of Tartu University. The 2nd Quantum Days are scheduled for November 2019.

Management Consulting on Quantum Computing in Estonia

There are about a dozen working proposals for quantum technologies which can be exploited for computation; the "quantum computer" is just ~6 of them. The different technologies will have impact on different industries — materials, pharma, chemicals, logistics, AI — and in different ways, making it difficult for everybody (including experts) to make even half-way sensible predictions when which industry will experience what kind of impact.
The ubiquitous over-hyping, generated by the need to attract private and public investment, doesn't make it easier either.

Who is offering serious consulting?

As far as I can tell, only Ketita Labs offers management consulting on quantum information processing in Estonia.


I'm not aware of any quantum computing events in the near future in Estonia.

Contact me if you know of other quantum computing events in the near future in Estonia!